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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Aug 20 10:40:07 EDT 2004

I think the TTone spec requires dead time between
each character even if it is different.  That is part
of the high reliability detection scheme... I think... Bob

>>> scott at 3xf.com 8/15/04 12:45:26 PM >>>
Sure, but your data rate is somewhat limited.  I think the minimum
time is 40 ms, so that's 25 characters per second, 4 bits per
character, so
100 bits per second.  If you're lucky.  You still need to worry about
say you've got a long run of '3's - the tone isn't going to change. 
need a clock at the receiver synced to the transmitter's clock to know
each character starts.


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Has anyone ever used DTMF to send telemetry ?



Wind 278 deg Speed 015 Temp 027

Or even APRS ?

27*34*45A = 27.34.45B (assuming * = . and A = North and B = South)
153*06*21C = 153.06.21E ( assuming * = . and C = West and D = East)

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