[aprssig] Tracking antenna array APRS

Michael Hatzakis, Jr MD mike at hatzakis.net
Sun Aug 15 14:07:41 EDT 2004

Isnt this in a standard packet format for dx spots... give you can get the
APRS packets to look like dx spots, you'd also have to have it running
continuiously.  Doable, but challenging...

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Hi Andrew.
Im not sure if this meets your needs but i took this from the UI-View pages:

Rotator Control
UI-RCI provides a link between UI-View and EA4TX's Rotator Control
Interface. DX spots from the DX cluster appear in a list window in UI-RCI,
and the antenna can be rotated simply by clicking a station in the list.

I would assume then if a mobile station is being tracked in UI-View the
control program would continue to update the rotator, but im really not 100%
You might ask on the yahoo groups UI-View group for more inforamtion.

Best regards


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> Do any aprs programs output data that can turn a rotator to "follow" a
> mobile station ?

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