[aprssig] Unusual terminal behaviour

Andrew Rich vk4tec at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 15:00:49 EDT 2004


NMEA Parse. looking at the field after the ",N,"

Wonder is someone has seen this before ? Using hyperterminal,

I send this

$GPVTG,300,T,001,M,000.0,N,0A01.E,K*7E  and I get this out "SPD 0A01"

I send this

$GPVTG,300,T,001,M,000.0,N,0001.E,K*7E  and I get this out "SPD 00-1"

It is almost as if hyperterminal is seeing any two consecutive zeros after
the ,N, and following with a "-"

Is this a particular ASCII case ? Hook it up to the GPS and all is fine.

Maybe I should try another terminal package ?

Cheers Andy vk4tec

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