[aprssig] HID, LANn-N and LINKn-N

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Mon Aug 9 10:35:41 EDT 2004

Hello Bob and John,

At 09:47 27-7-2004 -0400, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >>> John Kraus  7/26/04 10:46:25 PM >>>
> > I may soon convert the site to a KPC-3+ Ver-9 though.
> >I can't seem to get the rules worked out to support the
> >LANn-N concept.
>Thats great!  Depending on where you are, and how
>cohesive GA hams are, another possibilty is to support
>a LINKn-N along either I-75 or I-85 or I-20.  In fact,
>DIGI_NED is only software so if it doesnt already, then
>we should get the author to support multiple kinds of
>n-N aliases if needed in some areas where interstates
>and cities merge...

What's the problem with producing the rules? I understand that LANn-N and 
LINKn-N work like WIDEn-N but only has a different alias. So if you station 
belongs to the LAN called "GA" then you make the rules like this (just a 
copy of the WIDEn-N rules and then search-replace "wide" with "ga".

;  LAN digipeating rules
;  Handling of LANn-N for LAN "GA"
;  -------------------------------
digifirst: all ga7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga7-6
diginext: all ga7-7 all swap0 ga7-6
digipeat: all ga7-6 all swap0 ga7-5
digifirst: all ga6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga6-5
diginext: all ga6-6 all swap0 ga6-5
digipeat: all ga7-5 all swap0 ga7-4
digipeat: all ga6-5 all swap0 ga6-4
digifirst: all ga5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga5-4
diginext: all ga5-5 all swap0 ga5-4
digipeat: all ga7-4 all swap0 ga7-3
digipeat: all ga6-4 all swap0 ga6-3
digipeat: all ga5-4 all swap0 ga5-3
digifirst: all ga4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga4-3
diginext: all ga4-4 all swap0 ga4-3
digipeat: all ga7-3 all swap0 ga7-2
digipeat: all ga6-3 all swap0 ga6-2
digipeat: all ga5-3 all swap0 ga5-2
digipeat: all ga4-3 all swap0 ga4-2
digifirst: all ga3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga3-2
diginext: all ga3-3 all swap0 ga3-2
digipeat: all ga7-2 all swap0 ga7-1
digipeat: all ga6-2 all swap0 ga6-1
digipeat: all ga5-2 all swap0 ga5-1
digipeat: all ga4-2 all swap0 ga4-1
digipeat: all ga3-2 all swap0 ga3-1
digifirst: all ga2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,ga2-1
diginext: all ga2-2 all swap0 ga2-1
digipeat: all ga7-1 all swap ga7
digipeat: all ga6-1 all swap ga6
digipeat: all ga5-1 all swap ga5
digipeat: all ga4-1 all swap ga4
digipeat: all ga3-1 all swap ga3
digipeat: all ga2-1 all swap ga2
digifirst: all ga1-1 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,ga1
diginext: all ga1-1 all swap ga1

This block of rules can appear anywhere in the DIGI_NED.ini file. You can 
put it after the TRACE rules but also put it in front or stick it to the 
rear of the file. Doesn't matter, I would put it at the end of the file so 
it it easy to find back when you want to.

If your digi also belongs to a LINK path like link I85HW then repeat the 
process, this time replacing WIDE with I85HW.

;  LINK digipeating rules
;  Handling of LINKn-N for LINK "I85HW"
;  ------------------------------------
digifirst: all i85hw7-7 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw7-6
diginext: all i85hw7-7 all swap0 i85hw7-6
digipeat: all i85hw7-6 all swap0 i85hw7-5
digifirst: all i85hw6-6 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw6-5
diginext: all i85hw6-6 all swap0 i85hw6-5
digipeat: all i85hw7-5 all swap0 i85hw7-4
digipeat: all i85hw6-5 all swap0 i85hw6-4
digifirst: all i85hw5-5 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw5-4
diginext: all i85hw5-5 all swap0 i85hw5-4
digipeat: all i85hw7-4 all swap0 i85hw7-3
digipeat: all i85hw6-4 all swap0 i85hw6-3
digipeat: all i85hw5-4 all swap0 i85hw5-3
digifirst: all i85hw4-4 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw4-3
diginext: all i85hw4-4 all swap0 i85hw4-3
digipeat: all i85hw7-3 all swap0 i85hw7-2
digipeat: all i85hw6-3 all swap0 i85hw6-2
digipeat: all i85hw5-3 all swap0 i85hw5-2
digipeat: all i85hw4-3 all swap0 i85hw4-2
digifirst: all i85hw3-3 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw3-2
diginext: all i85hw3-3 all swap0 i85hw3-2
digipeat: all i85hw7-2 all swap0 i85hw7-1
digipeat: all i85hw6-2 all swap0 i85hw6-1
digipeat: all i85hw5-2 all swap0 i85hw5-1
digipeat: all i85hw4-2 all swap0 i85hw4-1
digipeat: all i85hw3-2 all swap0 i85hw3-1
digifirst: all i85hw2-2 all swap DIGI_CALL,i85hw2-1
diginext: all i85hw2-2 all swap0 i85hw2-1
digipeat: all i85hw7-1 all swap i85hw7
digipeat: all i85hw6-1 all swap i85hw6
digipeat: all i85hw5-1 all swap i85hw5
digipeat: all i85hw4-1 all swap i85hw4
digipeat: all i85hw3-1 all swap i85hw3
digipeat: all i85hw2-1 all swap i85hw2
digifirst: all i85hw1-1 all swap2 DIGI_CALL,i85hw1
diginext: all i85hw1-1 all swap i85hw1

This created the GA and I85HW alias that behaves just like is done with an 
alias on a KPC box. You can now use paths like W0ABC>APRS,WIDE,GA3-3 or 
W0ABC>APRS,WIDE,I85HW5-5 (besides the standard WIDEn-N and TRACEn-N that 
also still works of course...).

You can repeat this until you covered all the aliases you want. DIGI_NED is 
the only package with no limitation to the amount of aliases you create, 
other then limited by the available memory in the PC...

If you want your LAN or LINK behave like trace, then start off with a copy 
of the TRACEn-N rules...

I hope this helped, kind regards,


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