[aprssig] Alinco DJ-C5 for packet

Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Thu Aug 5 18:54:00 EDT 2004

Hi Bob,

Yeah, the Alinco DJ-C5 is great for packet.  I've used DJ-C1's and -C5's in
the APRS payloads ever since we retired Shuttle II. Never had a failure,
even after running with the antenna broken off.

They work fine off +5V dc, even tho they're designed to operate from a 4V
LiIon cell. Get about a 15% boost in xmit power.  The LiIon batt unplugs,
and I spliced a red/black 5V pair onto the batt plug; or you can solder onto
the charging connector pins. NOAA's DJ-C1 even survived operation from +12V
when their LM317 regulator failed - got about 3W out of it!

The rcv AF, xmit AF and /PTT route thru a 3/32" 3-ckt mini phone plug.
I think Mouser carries these.

The auto-off and batt save features can be disabled via the front panel
(push & hold FUNC key until the "F" display flashes, then toggle those
functions using the up/down keys).

Squelch is digitally adjusted from the control panel all the way to full

The toughest part is patching out the 50-ohm antenna port.  There's a
built-in matching network for that little whip antenna, but there's also a
50-ohm point used for testing.  I remove the whip and route
RG-174 thru the hole to the 50-ohm point.  Hard to describe in text, but
Rick's got pix of the mod on the EOSS web site under the payload page.

73 de Mike W5VSI

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Is the Alinco DJ-C5 credit card radio good for APRS?
Such as:
1) you can disable power saver (receiver goes to sleep?)
2) you can disable auto power off?
3) It is easy to inject external DC?
4) It is easy to get to both TX and RX audio?
5) Squelch is easy to set.


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