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wallyntoni-temp6298 at mailblocks.com wallyntoni-temp6298 at mailblocks.com
Wed Aug 4 12:13:39 EDT 2004

Wes, These units look neat and would be fun to play with. The only 
catch is this requirement copied from the Linx web site:

Linx requires the purchase of an evaluation kit prior to the sale of
individual modules to any customer. This policy insures that each
customer has the tools necessary to fairly evaluate our products and 
legally apply
them. In addition, a benchmark platform among all our customers allows
our engineers the best chance to assist should application difficulties
arise. function of its products; for this reason, we reserve the right 
change, in whole or in part, prices, product specifications, products
offered, terms and conditions of sale, and policies without prior
notice.The information contained in this Price List is believed to be 
accurate as
of the time of publication. Specifications are based on representative
lot samples. Values may vary from lot to lot and are not guaranteed.

Linx Technologies

If you decide to buy the EVALUATION KIT, myself and maybe others would 
like to buy some of the individual units from you.

Wally, WB7AXN

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